This area abounds in wild animals.

When the fire broke out, he was dead asleep.


Why would I want to help Hughes?

Maureen can't take care of himself.

You sound very young.

The Statue of Liberty is located in New York.

There have been many genocides in history, but the most famous (or infamous) is that perpetrated by the Nazis.

Torsten made me laugh.

He put his arm around her.

A burglar broke into the shop yesterday.

Tell me whose hat this is.

I've heard from them.

Rolfe is in New York now.


I haven't always had friends like Dory.

I have simply nothing to say about it.

Could you call a doctor?

It's good to have some spanners to be able to fix various things.

This picture is of my uncle.

I should be in Boston before noon tomorrow.

You told a lie.


Why does nobody want it?


What sort of a person is Frederic?

That night, I was really sad.

Halloween is over!


I will love you forever!


What's the topic?

Your sister looks as noble as if she were a princess.

Jim went fishing from the pier.

Since when I was little, I love going to the sea with my family.

She asked for a picture.

These batteries are dead.

I told myself that that was a good idea.

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The girl is lonely.

She met the man of her dreams.

It's getting to be time for me to head back.


We saw it happen.

Maybe we ought to ask Jingbai for advice.

Don't waste your allowance on useless things.

Why is this door open?

He always reports all of the money.

She answered in tears.

Everybody knows what Franklin did.

They complained of the cold as there was no fire there.

You're not listening to me.

The girl came around when we threw water on her face.

I can walk no farther.

He married twice and had more than 20 children.

I asked Jerald a question.

Nick blew out all the candles on the cake.

Do not withhold Your tender mercies from me, O Lord.


Klaudia thinks he knows what's going on.


I said Ramsey is a friend.

They all expressed regret over her death.

Miltos has been dating Erick for about three years.

I brought one in.

He plays there.

Chinese whispers is a game played around the world, in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group.

Homeschooling is growing in popularity.

When the last customer leaves, we close the doors.

Molly's birthday is October 20th.

She did not want to admit it.

Would you be quiet?


I called Seth from the police station.


Haven't we seen him before?

I wouldn't be too surprised if you saw a snake.

Let's go to bed.

She's wearing a black hat.

They're early.

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You're not even a student here.


The party's today.

Eileen has a nice figure.

You were his greatest fan, you see.

May I make another suggestion?

Get Raymond out of here.


I am right-handed.

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Spudboy managed to get on the school basketball team.


She pulled up near the hotel office.


Mahesh told the child to mind his father.

Truthfully, if I'd said I didn't have any regrets over my snap decision I'd have been lying.

Why do you think it was Kristian who did that?

My car is stuck in the mud. Could you help me push it out?

Someone leaked the secret to the enemy.

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In my past life, I was a forest.

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I am not in the least afraid of his threats.


Answers display different degrees of understanding.

Give it a moment.

I won't go to school.

Pria does little other than play the guitar.

I tripped over a stone.

I want a book to read on the train.

You can't stop now.

Al says he's hungry.

She is afraid of her own shadow.

Mike played a bad trick on his brother.

Collin never was very friendly to me.

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Tracey took on more than he could handle.


I have a right to know.


It's a hard question.

I feel dizzy every time I stand up.

It was a pitch black night.


I haven't eaten lunch yet.

In addition, we are looking for an consultant who can assist us in leveraging their expertise of the market to acquire product from manufacturers in the area.

With this as background I turn now to an account of the present state of evolutionary biology.


Do you want to go out and get something to eat?

Although the decision to implement this plan has already been made, the finer points still need to be planned out.

I'm just a creature of habit, I guess.


Let's make it three.

This room is the coldest in the house.

The idea was good.

They must be Americans.

I'd like to dance.


He always wants to be the last to speak.


Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring caused riots at its 1913 premiere. These days, of course, music is only capable of causing angry YouTube comment threads.

We're not stupid.

They tell me jokes, and then I forget them.

The right riverside is steep.

That famous poet planned on killing himself in his library.

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Eugene asked me if I had found the keys.

I've already called.

Throw out your weapon!

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The sun is our most important source of energy.

I don't feel like going out.

I'm trying to understand why you didn't do it.

What reason did he give for being so late?

"Left-Wing" communism is an infantile disorder.

You run that backhoe like a concert violinist plays a concerto.

While living near the beach, I often enjoyed swimming.

I need money.

Drunken driving is a serious problem.


I always went to Miami in the summer.


This is not blue; it is violet.

My God! What is that?

It seems I was wrong about you.

The hotel we stayed at was very nice.

Do you happen to know his name?


Saul bought a gift for Jesse.

His new theory is beyond my apprehension.

Smoking is not allowed here.

Sadness lengthens life; happiness shortens it.

It's a really good book.

Maybe I'll be able to help you.

He walked in front of me.

Gary admitted that he stole the money.

The ministry administers the internal affairs.


These shoes are expensive, and what is more, they are too small.

The word "rook" comes from Sanskrit and means "chariot".

Laura is going to be so surprised.

Try to understand why that's what the man did.

Grab the shovels, boys.

What's your goal for 2014?

So are you and Hanna planning on getting married?

How much do you charge for a one-hour lesson?

He can come up with any amount of money.

Sanjib didn't take very many pictures.

At her age, she still preserved the appearance of a young girl.

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Did you know that Gunter was kidnapped when he was three?

Leigh explained what drove his decision.

Barney ordered this drink for you.

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Damon shot them.

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Novorolsky left something behind.


Shel is discouraged.